B-47E, 52-0320, crash South of Tucson, AZ (Santa Rita Mountains) on April 4, 1959


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crash South of Tucson in Santa Rita Mountains

Boeing B-47E, 52-0320, crashed into Santa Rita Mountains on April 4, 1959, at approximately 1:20am killing all three men onboard.  The plane was preparing to land at Davis-Monthan when it crashed into the north side of the Santa Rita Mountains.

Three men lost their lives in the crash

Major Kermit Alan Wagner

Lt. Thomas A. Wilkie

Lt. Richard L. Anderson (possibly Richard L. Andersen).

Chaff from the bomber is scattered over the hill side.

Part on an instrument panel.

20mm shell from the rear turret.

Alarm clock from one of the airmen.

Fishing hook from one of the airmen.

Part of the Boeing bomber with various part numbers.

Remains of a 55 gallon drum at the site.  The 55 gallon drums were used as part of a smelter operation.

Unusual piece of debris.

Instrument panel

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